Junior Golf Programs at Rhodes Ranch

Fall 2019

Program Details

  • Fall 2019 will be an 8 week program starting Saturday October 5th
  • Deadline to register is October 2nd
  • Ages allowed in to the program will be 4-13 years old
  • Groups will be 4-7 year old boys, 8-13 year old boys, and a girls group. If I need to make 2 girls group, the age split up will be the same as the boys
  • Please sign up as soon as possible so I can assign groups and send out an email list so you know when your practice times are
  • Each week will cover a different aspect of golf (iron ball striking, short game, tee shots, and on course training)
  • Each junior will receive a shirt and hat. IF you were in a previous junior program, you will not get another one
  • Will be teaching the 9 core values from the First Tee Program as well which are: Honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy, and judgement


Payment for the program will be in the golf shop. Cash, check, or credit card is accepted. When paying for your junior golfer or golfers, tell the shop attendant you are paying for your junior golfer for the Rhodes Ranch Junior Golf Program under Shawn Rowe. Upon completion of payment, please attach your receipt with the registration form/waiver and turn in to myself or into the shop attendant.


  • Signing up 1 junior golfer: $240
  • Signing up 2 junior golfers: $440
  • Signing up 3 or more junior golfers: $600

Program Rules, Guidelines and Misc Information

In my previous junior golf programs, I created environments to be fun, positive, and while still being able to learn. In order to maintain this atmosphere for all students there has to be some rules.

  1. No swearing at instructors or other junior golfers
  2. No bullying or making rude remarks to instructors or other junior golfers
  3. When not in a hitting area, do not swing golf clubs to prevent accidentally hitting an instructor or another junior golfer
  4. No running around, yelling, or being disrespectful to the practice area as there will be other people practicing. This will prevent accidents and altercations with other people at the facility


My hope is that a rule is never broken but if it happens, here are the actions that will happen.

  • 1st offense – will ask that junior golfer to sit out for 15 minutes
  • 2nd offense – will ask that junior golfer to sit out for the remainder of that session and will have a discussion regarding what happened with the parents or guardians
  • 3rd offense- will ask the parents kindly to not bring their junior golfer again as distractions prevent learning and progress for other students

I’ve never had a junior golfer reach a 3rd offense in my 6 years of doing junior golf. I have no doubts that streak will continue.

Meeting Area

Each week we will meet on the far right part of the driving range. Depending on what we are doing for that session, we will disperse from there.

Staff Assistance

If group sizes are more than 8 juniors per group, there will be an assistant to help with the group practice. It will be another Rhodes Ranch Instructor or a UNLV intern.