Instruction at Rhodes Ranch

Shawn Rowe leads the instruction team at Rhodes Ranch Golf Club. Shawn has students that range from the PGA Latin America Tour all the way down to the very beginning 4 year old. He's a very experienced instructor for all skill levels. He provides a fun and positive atmosphere and will help you get the most out of your game.

Adult Plans:

1. Individual Adult Lesson (Lessons are 45 min to 1 hr)

  • 1 lesson: $100
  • 3 Lesson Pk: $250
  • 6 Lesson Pk: $400
  • 4 Mo. Membership Program: $1,000 (Full Details Below, payment plan allowed, Up to 32 lessons available, Best Deal)
  • Student Referral program: Details Below
  • 9 Hole caddy/on course Lesson: $180
  • 18 Hole caddy/on course Lesson: $360

2. Private Group Adult Clinic (2-5 people, 1 hr to 1 hr and 30 min)

  • 1 lesson - $60 per person
  • 3 Lesson Pk - $150 per person

3. Scheduled Adult Clinics (18+, any skill level, 1 Hr min, 3 participant min required)

  • 1 Clinic - $30 per person
  • Series of 4 - $100

Membership program details:

  • 4 month program designed to improve your golf game in all categories
    2 sessions per week available to use for lessons or on course (up to 32 lessons available - A lesson plan can be built for you)
  • Sessions do not carry over to the following week or month unless it was a reschedule
  • You may cancel the program at any time. However you will forfeit the monthly payment and deposit fee

Payment plan details:

  • 1st month: $350 = Fee ($250) + Deposit ($100)
  • 2nd Mo: $250 = Fee
  • 3rd Mo: $250 = Fee
  • 4th Mo: $150 = Fee - Deposit

Student Referral Program details:

For any student who refers another student while currently taking lessons will receive 15% of the package the new student signs up for

Must be a current student and for the referral program to be in effect, a lesson package must be purchased. No individual lessons are a part of the program

EXA: Chad signs up for a 6 lesson pk. While taking lessons, Chad convinces Mike to sign up for lessons. Mike purchases the 3 Lesson pk @ $250. Chad will then earn $37.50 (15% of Mike’s Package) for his referral fee.

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