Instruction at Rhodes Ranch

Shawn Rowe leads the instruction team at Rhodes Ranch Golf Club. Shawn has students that range from the PGA Latin America Tour all the way down to the very beginning 4 year old. He's a very experienced instructor for all skill levels. He provides a fun and positive atmosphere and will help you get the most out of your game.

Don’t hesitate, book Shawn today to help improve your game!


Private Adult Lesson (45-60min) $80

Series of 3 Adult Lessons (45-60min ea) $200

Series of 6 Adult Lessons (45-60min ea) $375

Series of 6 Adult Lessons + 9-hole playing lesson (45-60min ea + 2 hr play) $450

Men's Clinics (Group of 2-8 participants) $30/person

Women's Clinics (Group of 2-8 participants) $30/person

Private Junior Lesson (30-45min) $50

Series of 3 Private Junior Lessons (30-45min ea) $125

Series of 5 Private Junior Lessons (30-45min ea) $200